Triangle Advantage Process (TAP) 

Consulting is the base to provide companies and individuals with the their desired result. Through consulting, we create a custom coaching and training programs to accomplish this. 

 Right Resources, Right Results


Leadership Training

How are we different?  

Training dates are posted on our web page. We are not just a company that offers what we feel is needed, but want our customers to define what is needed. We will work with companies and individuals to provide training that gains results. 

Results may include: Deeper Knowledge, Fraud Detection, Fraud Prevention, Employee Safety, Reduction in Profit Loss, Increase Employee Performance. Do not see a program you want, we create custom programs. 

 Right Resources, Right Results 




Collaboration is key to driving results. Triangle Resource Group does this by ensuring that we have stakeholders involved in the entire development of the training process.  Collaboration is also key to ensure that the end results of the training meet your expectations. Not only do we create custom programs for organizations but those for industries. Training can be delivered that fits multiple organizations or groups to promote networking among participants attending class. Therefore, teams have the opportunity to gain even more knowledge, share knowledge, and make connections with others. 

Right Resources, Right Results

Detecting deception

Example of Classes


  •  Interviewing for Quality Information
  •  Fraud Related Interviewing
  •  Interviewer Personality Dynamics
  •  Interviewer Communication Profile
  •  How to Interview like the Dickens
  •  Interviewing Head to Poe
  •  Is that the truth?


  • Fraud Related Interviewing
  • How I fooled the Auditors


  •  Response to Mass Violence/Facility Staff Training for Mass Violence Incidents 
  •  Facility Situation Awareness


  • Ethical Leadership
  • The Profitable Leader
  • Inspiring others to be a leader

Class Fees

We offer scheduled classes and a limited amount of complimentary training.  See the list below for more details and to register. 

Classes are customized to be as affordable as possible.  Our main goal is to deliver training that provides the results you or your organization needs.  With that in mind, class cost varies due to topic, hours, and location of training. For additional question, feel free to contact us directly at

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